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Friday, March 9, 2018

Individual Defense and Extreme Ownership

The offseason has arrived. Create high expectations. Review technique precisely and prioritize it. Simplify and clarify responsibilities. First, what is your responsibility? It depends on your position in the moment. 

On-ball-perimeter defense ("reach out and touch someone")
Off-ball-perimeter defense ("The ball scores." I don't care if YOUR player didn't score if you didn't help, rotate, or recover.)
Screen-and-roll defense (Be consistent in what we teach.)
Post off-ball defense ("Your problems start once you allow the ball in the post.")
Post on-ball defense ("Wall up. Stay vertical.")
Transition defense (Sprint, don't run.)
Defending special situations (Understand offense to excel at defense.) 

For instance, especially if you choose to FRONT the post, you must apply pressure to the perimeter passer. Great defense requires multiple actions.

What is your overarching defensive mandate? Restate the goals as ONE BAD SHOT, NO EASY SHOTS, and HARD 2's

Defensive corollaries
Pressure the ball.
Deny the middle/paint.
Deny post entry and cutters to the ball.
Challenge/contest shots without fouling.
Own the defensive boards. 

Quiz yourself: CARE (concentrate/anticipate/react/execute). Head, heart, feet.

Do I understand what core principles belong to our defense? I have to do a better job of giving and getting feedback. 
Am I communicating, "early, loud, and often?" It's never enough. 
Am I competing to succeed this possession? COMPETITIVE FURY
Am I ALWAYS playing in a stance? 
Am I between my assignment and the basket? (Ball-you-basket)
Am I between my assignment and the ball? (Ball-you-man) 
Do I see both the ball and my assignment? ("See both.")
Am I ready to help? ("The ball scores.")
Am I running or sprinting in transition? ("Basketball is a sprinting game.") 

Lagniappe: We get what we accept. EXTREME OWNERSHIP. 

Basketball and sport are not war. But it shares lessons about humanity, humility, honor, teamwork, and sometimes courage. "When a team takes ownership of its problems, the problems get solved." 

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