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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Basketball: "I Didn't See That Coming"

"Each scene is a simple attempt to solve the problem." - David Mamet

Mike Terry, the hero of Redbelt, says "There is no situation that you could not escape from." That's his professional ethos, but that doesn't make it so off the silver screen. 

Together, we can't have moments of "I didn't see that coming." 

Expand your vision so that you face fewer surprises. You don't ski where it says DANGER: AVALANCHE HIGH RISK. Coaches post verbal warning signsDON'T PLAY IN THE TRAFFIC. Don't get beat backdoor. Don't get beat in transition by buddy running

You own your narrative, your journey. It won't be risk free or mistake-proof. David Mamet warns, "The difficulties are what create the journey." 

Failure propels the story forward. Jim Abbott becomes a professional pitcher, with one arm. Michael Jordan doesn't make the high school team. He works harder and becomes an icon. Abraham Lincoln overcomes a series of campaign losses, personal tragedy, and lifelong depression to become President and statesman. 

Success expects mastery of the non-obvious. What does that mean? Life has rhythms and tempo; understand the rhythms and own the tempo. Coach Knight preached the importance of the first five minutes of the second half. Know whom and when to attack. The lion may be king, but doesn't attack the bull elephant. Know the odds. 

"A man distracted is a man defeated." Defenders didn't see that coming. 

Radius athletics shares downscreen into handoff into middle drive. Good action to free up attacker and possible roller. 

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