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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Basketball: Editing Multiple Offensive Actions

"You can't make old friends." 

"The editing room is where the film is made." - Ron Howard

Coaches direct, teach, lead, mentor, edit, support, and discipline. As directors we get the 'talent' (cast) into situations where they move the needle. Our edit decides which scenes belong, how they are shot, and acted. 

'Shoot the scene' from multiple, multiple angles. Give them names, like set, ATO, SLOB, and BOB. Off we go. 

Basic 'scene' - Tufts' women wing back cut (Coach Carla Berube)

Spread formation, 5 cuts to top for entry. This could just as easily set up other players for a back cut, a handoff back to 1, or split post action with 1 and 2 within Coach Bill Wuczynski's "family of plays" motif. But here the two cuts to and away from the ball which is delivered down the lane line for a score.

Call this our ATO scene. Start with a Horns set and occupy the weak side with a down screen. 5 gets entry and the filled corner cuts up hard and then back cuts looking for the pass. If it's not there, she should go through and we still have 5 with an iso or options for 1 and 5 combinations. 

BOB. Look to enter over the top to 5. With a dynamic finisher at 1, she can look to slip the screen for 3, a minor variation of the same theme. 

SLOB. Start our action with the SLOB. Enter the ball and have weak side distraction. 1 has to sell 'disinterest' and then blast to the rim looking for the delayed give-and-go. We still have 3 as an iso and weak side action available. 

Challenge ourselves to edit well, keep it simple, and develop finishers at multiple positions. 

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