Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Fast Five: Shot Selection

"When you're fighting a war, everyone doesn't get the same amount of bullets." 

"Just because I want you on the floor doesn't mean I want you to shoot." - Bob Knight

"Non-shooters are always open." - Pete Carril

1. The quickest way to improve shooting percentage is taking better shots. The fastest way to get better shots is to improve passing. Ergo, better passing means improved shooting percentage

2. Everyone on the team should know what a good shot is for every teammate. And each player should remember Jay Bilas' Toughness advice, "It's not your shot, it's our shot." 

3. Each player should know what a good shot for her is. In addition to being not closely guarded, that implies on balance, in rhythm, situationally appropriate, and in her range. While the Declaration of Independence states that "All men are created equal", all shooters are not. Kevin Sivils has discussed "range testing" in his outstanding series of books. 

4. There is no "My Turn" in shooting. There is no "MY TURN" in shooting. THERE IS NO MY TURN IN SHOOTING. Some players seem to have an internal clock that says, "Time to shoot, it's go time." THAT does not work. 

5. Pete Newell's overarching philosophy was to "get more and better shots than our opponent." That implies a combination of offensive and defensive efficiency. If you are a good shooter taking good shots, that doesn't absolve you from defending and rebounding. 

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