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Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Player Experience

If there's any "best practice" accessible, I want it to be "make the best player experience possible." The player experience informs the success of our program. That excludes bringing candy and sugary drinks...

Our organization isn't as good as Zappos, which serves as a model for superior service to both employees and customers. "What can we do to improve our brand" through the lens of "player experience?" 

"We're trying to build a lifelong relationship with that customer." Zappos has big PECs (personal emotional connections). 

"Performance review is 50% based on whether you're living or inspiring the culture in others." Our culture 'intent' is teamwork, improvement, and accountability within constant learning. I believe, like Zappos, that "customer service...should be the entire company." 

"Is this a company I really believe in?" 

We have to fight for our culture every day. 

Luck is really about looking for opportunities...

At some point, I'll ask players to write two sentences about what playing for this team means. Keep it short and authentic.  

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