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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Basketball Is Problem Solving

Leaders find solutions. Anyone finds problems. Do we want to be a leader or a JAG (just another guy)?

Elite coaches, in the words of Mike Lombardi in Gridiron Genius, control the room, control the message, and control themselves. Therefore, coaching excellence focuses on leadership, "the main thing." What's your main thing?

Find light amidst darkness. How? See and hear Blue Man Group

"Each of your eyes has over 120 million photoreceptors called rods and cones...rods are more numerous and specialize in night vision." Rods light the darkness. Cones aren't the answer. I keep a few cones in my car to remind me about that. 

Steal solutions from as many sources as and research continually. Constantly revise. As we add, subtract. A new drill replaces an old one. 

Spend time thinking. Turn off the distractions and devote 'protected time' to thinking. Even if we only spend ten minutes daily silently thinking. 

In which domains should we invest our time? 

  • Leadership. (Become a better leader.) 
  • Individual improvement (Create and deny separation; finish; better separation makes easier shots).
  • Team improvement ("One band one sound". Are we on the same page? Communication.)

Lessons are everywhere

Direction (are we on the right track; if not how do we find it?)
Pressure. Applying and defeating it. (We can't succeed if we can't handle it.)
Playing with a lead...
Playing from behind...
Motivating individuals and teams... 

Think outside the box. How do you solve this problem

Get better at getting better. 


Chris Oliver shares a game winner with minimal time left. 

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