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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Basketball: The Idea Factory

Where do ideas arise? Our minds swirl, generating thousands of thoughts daily. Be open to extracting good ideas and receiving better ideas by reading and watching the world. Ask more and better questions. 

Young adult literature author R.L. Stine says that our experience, memory, and imagination craft our ideas. Our experiences shape us, for better or worse. But Pete Newell cautioned that attempts to copy your play from your previous coach usually ends up being a "poor reproduction of the original." 

Someone told Michelangelo that it was incredible that he crafted the Pieta at age 24. He answered that it wasn't a miracle. He learned his trade working ten hours daily for almost twenty years (he began at age six). "Experience is the best teacher, but sometimes the tuition is high." 

Writer Judy Bloom encourages us to observe the world. See the characters. Comedian Steve Martin says learn as much as you can about the world and see the humor everywhere. Last night, I reminded the girls about getting their spots during free throws, because a player had cost us a point by running in after the shooter had the ball. A player raised her hand. "Do you have a question?" "It was me." That's a Charlie Brown moment. 

James Patterson suggests that we keep an idea folder. I keep a small notebook in my pocket. I see young people take a picture with their smartphone. Find what works for you.

Players need structure, lines on the page. 

We spent about 15 minutes last night on "developmental offense" teaching concepts not plays. Encourage freedom of expression to foster creativity. For example, when I overplayed 5, getting my front shoulder ahead of hers, she recognized immediately and slipped to score. 

We used the 1-4 high framework as an example. 

The set defines initial spacing. The players' willingness to read defenders, cut, pass, and screen inform the action. On wing entry, if I overplay the wing ball screen, the wing must recognize and reject the screen and drive directly. They have to acquire knowledge to create. 

Why does the Idea Factory often fail?
- Sometimes players have illness or injury. We had three players absent yesterday. 
- New concepts don't transfer immediately.
- Players have different rates of learning, aptitude, and skill. 
- Practice time is limited. 
 -Not every player is fully engaged with optimal focusing at this age. 

Find material suiting your taste. It won't resonate with everyone. Coach the way you want to coach. We either coach what we know or expand our horizons to coach at a level above what we know. 

Lagniappe: Do your players need to shoot layups better? We do. Steal from Chris Oliver. 

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