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Monday, December 31, 2018

Basketball: Pick-and-Roll via Coach Nick

"Good artists borrow; great artists steal." - Picasso

Coach Nick Hauselman operates BBallBreakdown, reviewing NBA pick-and-roll artistry. Let's steal from Nick's knacks. We know the basics and more - the over, under, and through the screen to Grandmother's House (the rim) we go. 

The ballhandler needs a variety of finishes from inside, mid-range, and outside...including floaters. At 1:46, we see the DHO into secondary PnR for a lob. 

At 2:28, DeRozan shows how to finish from the left hand side with his right hand while protecting the ball. He follows with an analysis of LaMarcus Aldridge and his midrange magic. 

At 4:40 Conley and Gasol show 'classic' PnR actions...and at 5:22, they illustrate how Gasol gets into the ball screen off the screen away. 

There's been talk of how accepting and welcoming Dame Lillard was to Nurkic and Coach Nick's video bears that out. 

What you see isn't always what you get. Here are the NBA leaders in points per possession for pick-and-roll ball handler.

As for high utilization "roll men" Gobert, Ibaka, Towns, Nurkic, Allen, and Sabonis stand out. 

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