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Monday, December 17, 2018

Basketball: Rebounding, "War on the Boards" from Verdi to Superman

“Excellence is the next five minutes.” - Tom Peters

I am a bad rebounding coach. We are a good rebounding team. Find rebounders over rebounding coaches. I teach the defensive boards are about positioning and toughness and offensive rebounding about anticipation and aggressiveness

Legendary George Raveling wrote a rebounding manual, War on the Boards. He introduces the book discussing Michigan 1964-1965 and its Anvil Chorus, as the Wolverines beat Duke late with three consecutive offensive putbacks. The 1965 Michigan version lost in the NCAA title game to UCLA. 

Anvil Chorus from Verdi's Il Travatore, via Looney Toons

Coach discusses the sine qua non triad of quickness, instinct, and mental toughness in rebounding. 

At the end of the first chapter he shares the popular Superman Drill (above) and what he calls the Toughness Drill (we call it Commando). 


Chapter 2 emphasizes fundamentals, beginning with position, stance, approach, and recovery. Here are a few key takeaways among many:

Find a way. Locate between the offensive rebounder and the basket.
Offensive rebounder must anticipate where (s)he thinks the ball is going. 
Maintain balance throughout, from the ground up. 
Catch the ball with two hands...don't slap at the ball. 
A half turn in the air repositions the rebounder to outlet the ball.
Always protect the ball. 
For us, the rebound is incomplete until secured to a ballhandler. 

Lagniappe 1: via Coach Liam Flynn on Twitter
Lagniappe 2.

We executed this 'sequence screen' as an ATO but couldn't finish at the rim. 

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