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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Basketball: Steal Hard-to-Defend Actions

I'm always looking for new or recycled, hard to defend actions. I know you are. Recently, I saw these in a high school scrimmage. I take liberties with personnel alignment. 

1-4 high set with wing clearing through and an unorthodox give-and-go in an almost pinch post fashion. 

Double diagonal screens on a BOB. The "there" there was that the defense struggled to defend it. The 5 is a potential future elite player. 

Horns turns into a possible give-and-go using a screen (5) or an inside PnR with bigs with size and mobility. Coaches could adjust the personnel as needed. 

As coaches, we look for clarity and simplicity, yet realize that we often get neither. Hard-to-defend actions (e.g. pick-and-roll), well-executed off-ball screens, screen-the-screener, and backdoor cuts against overplay never become unfashionable. 

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