Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fast Five: Developmental Practice "Routine"

I still love practice. Parents and kids may love games, but I love practice. The practice court is our classroom, our atelier, our laboratory. Every practice is an opportunity to help transform an average life into an extraordinary one. When I stop believing that, then I'll stop coaching. 

When you play a game, you get maybe 60-80 shots for the whole team. I want every player to get well over 125 shots per practice. You can't win a game 0-0.  

Message Discipline

1. Make it fun. "Fight for your culture every day." 
2. Make it translate to games. I've never seen 3 man weave in games. 
3. Keep the tempo high. Time is our precious asset. 
4. Vary it to keep players interested.
5. Volume shooting. 
6. Condition within practice.
7. Bring energy and encouragement. The coach can't have an off day. 
8. Teach don't lecture. 
9. Avoid the L's - laps, lines, lectures. 
10.Stay on message. Teamwork, improvement, accountability. 
11.Give and get feedback. 
12.Don't forget the notebooks. 

Some call them "commonplace" books. In medicine, we called other versions your "peripheral brain." We learn more when we write it down. 

Be transparent. Communication goes through the parents. Parents are welcome at practice, at pre and postgame discussions. 

You'll overhear it

  • "Basketball is a game of mistakes."
  • "Don't cheat the drill." 
  • "The ball is gold."
  • "Pass and cut." 
  • "Movement kills defense." 
  • "Basketball is sharing."
  • "Pressure the ball."
  • "Know your NOs."
  • "The game honors toughness." 
  • "I'm pleased but I'm not satisfied."

"Plan your trade. Trade your plan."
Craft your menu, then choose what you're serving. 

"Purpose not passion."

We get more than we give. Make a difference. Get better at getting better. Find more and better mindfulness. Model excellence every day. 

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