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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fast Five: Unimportant Minutes

"There are no unimportant minutes." - Brad Stevens

- Tim Ferriss, "Tools of Titans"

Great stories stick; make them stickier. Hoosiers wasn't about Hickory, Indiana but Milan. In real life, the coach was married with two young children. But the movie used poetic license to illustrate "David beats Goliath." 

Preparation. After he 'retired', my high school coach prepared scouting reports with a picture of a key and three "keys to victory." Our local girls' team lost the sectional final by a point (multiple bad decisions in the final minute), but really lost because they doubled the post and failed to rotate THREE times allowing baskets. That was a KEY to victory, undiscovered in the scouting report.  

Study. Study only helps when we're open to seeing the world differently. Watch the video. Flexibility and openness are skills. 

Practice. "What does my team need now?" Practice time is precious. 
  • Speed up the tempo. 
  • Translate everything to game play. 
  • Pass on time and on target. 
  • Dribble purposefully. 
  • Be fully engaged.
 Be here now. Today is the most important day of our life. Practice should be fun but mentally and physically challenging. "Make practice hard so games are easier." 

Time. Games are lost surrendering a score on the opening tap. Early baskets yielded in transition, poorly defending backdoor cuts, or failed blockouts in the first minute count just the same as missed final minute opportunity. I watched our star player (now playing overseas) wait at the table for 90 seconds to come in as a ten-point lead evaporated. Timeouts don't go under the tree at Christmas. 

Persistence. "Get past hard." Excellent basketball is hard. Success demands sacrifice. 

Find a way. 


"There are no unimportant minutes."

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