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Monday, August 6, 2018

Basketball: Patience

"Patience is the ability to wait and calmly persevere." - John Wooden

Craftsmanship takes time. 

Studying MasterClass teachers, I get to see REAL genius at work, artists at the top of their craft...Hans Zimmer, Steve Martin, James Patterson, Thomas Keller, Garry Kasparov, Steph Curry.

Coaches don't insert the DNA; we amplify the DNA. Encourage players to express themselves through their play. Make them 'interesting' and relevant

How do we learn to think differently, more creatively? Give players tools and then situations to build in randomness. Yesterday, early in practice, I reviewed the "Sikma Move", the counter from the corner with an upfake and baseline drive. Later on during the '2 on 2' segment, a player executed it but missed the shot. What mattered was a willingness to develop a new tool. 

Patience arrives in many forms...the basket cut at the right time, waiting for screens, waiting for the cutter to free herself or the defender to fly by. Actions have to develop. The passer has to see you to make your cut relevant. 

At the end of quarter, half, or game, you must know what to do and when. In a given possession, the first shot might be a great shot...or not. 

Do you have a great example of how patience with a player or team paid dividends? Everyone knows Michael Jordan's story. Bill Walton's UCLA backup, Sven Nater led both the ABA and the NBA in rebounding and was the 1974 ABA Rookie of the Year. He averaged less than 5 points and 5 rebounds per game in college but his apprenticeship paid off. 

Near the pinnacle of Wooden's "Pyramid of Success" are FAITH and PATIENCE (or belief and time if you prefer). 

The will to work unrecognized in the summer heat and humidity shows commitment, discipline, and patience. Craftsmanship takes time


Basketball Immersion shows video of pivoting to change direction and create space, especially in traffic. 

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