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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Basketball: Worthy Opponent

I want us to be a worthy opponent, not just competitively but holistically. 

What defines a worthy opponent
Play hard.
Play smart; know the game.
Play unselfishly.
Take advantage of opportunities and mismatches.  

How do we become more worthy

Communicate well verbally and nonverbally. 
Never have a bad practice. "Chop wood, carry water." 
Work to understand and execute an intentional game plan. 
Respect coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and the game.
Show sportsmanship regardless of the score.
Gear up (leave the gym in better condition than you found it).

As a coach, how can I promote worthiness? 

Align our priorities and values - family first, school second, basketball third
Be relentlessly positive. 
Promote a culture of TEAM. 
Model excellence. 
Teach the game well. 
Create a memorable player experience where each player feels valued and learns.

As a person, how can I become more worthy? 

Be fully engaged.
Use time wisely and leave my comfort zone.  
Copy worthy models.
Commit to growth. 
Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat


FastModel Sports shares a checklist of behaviors and knowledge. Can we make the list more manageable? 

Behave professionally (off and on the court).
Care properly for your body. 
Improve your mental preparation. 
Embrace responsibility, role, and respect.

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