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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Basketball: Simple Exercises for Core Athleticism

Coach Pete Newell prioritized footwork, balance, and maneuvering speed. "You play 100 percent of the game with your feet." 

We don't need expensive equipment; we need imagination. 


Front and back pivots. Hop into a jump stop and practice front and back pivots with a ball. Protect the ball from an imaginary defender during the process. 

Jump rope. In high school, we started practice with five-minutes of jumping rope.  Okay, we led the league in jumping rope...

USA basketball suggests five jumprope exercises to promote quickness and coordination. 


The Hexagon. Use duct tape or chalk and lay out a hexagon (six equal sides) and quickly jump in and out of the hexagon, first clockwise and counterclockwise. 

One-legged jumps

Alan Stein emphasizes PRACTICAL, SAFE jumping exercises off one leg in this video - including POGO (like Pogo Stick), box jump onto two feet, and SPEED SKATER (side to side). He notes the importance of developing explosiveness symmetrically with each leg. 

Maneuvering speed:

Maneuvering speed implies both how quickly you move but moving under control. 

3 Cone Drill. 3CD does impact basketball footwork. Defensively, crossover steps relate to 'catch up' speed. 

With the basketball, I advocate training to score layups with one dribble from the three-point line and two dribbles from half-court. With younger players, we usually ask them to score on two dribbles from the hash. If you're not playing quickly, you can't complete those tasks. 

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