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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Basketball: Thinking About Screening

Screen thoughtfully and greedily. Screens open teammates, open you, and sometimes punish defenders when teams communicate poorly. The hard, clean ‘thunder screen’ (heard not seen) gets in a defender’s head.

Rule of six from Bob Woodward, investigative journalist - provide at least six key points. 

Ball side, screen the ball. Weak side, screen for a teammate. Yes, we violate those rules.

Wait for the screen. Being late gives you better options and limits offensive fouls. 

“The screener is the second cutter. Seal and score.” Screening is opportunity not grunt work.

If a teammate is played tightly, give her a present...a backscreen.

If you are played loosely, set a down screen.

As screener on the pick-and-roll, if your defender cheats high on the hedge/show beyond your outside shoulder, slip to the hoop. 

When the post player screens across, the cutter must read the defender’s response and attack opposite (defender high, cutter low).

Always sprint to the screen, but often use misdirection, as in angling your cut to give defenses less time to communicate.

Develop your own methods to signal or to ask for a screen.

Screen-the-screener and screen-the-roller are efficient ways to challenge defenses. 

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