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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Basketball: Stop Killing Offense, Play the Beautiful Game

"Great offense is multiple actions." 

Love the game. Beautify the action. 

1. Multiple is self-explanatory...more than "night at the opera", me, me. Great players make everyone around them better. 

2. Multiple also implies options. Mindlessly running offense from the sideline advantages the defense, which loads to the ball. Sideline offense limits options, especially if we lack perimeter shooters.

Choose NOT to play two or three against five. Note the "Helpside "I"" above. 

3. "Don't play in the traffic." Our parents tell us that as soon as we're old enough to understand. Great players thrive in space. Dare to be great. 

4. Stop eating space. Make the defense cover space. Fight the temptation to migrate in. 

I adapted this from Del Harris' book on zone offense. Open passing lanes and force long closeouts

5. Don't be a ball sticker. There's a higher scoring percentage in the first two seconds of the touch. Steal great ideas (see below). 


"Coach Michael Malone and the Nuggets are borrowing a page straight out of the Spurs' playbook with this philosophy: Don't hold onto the ball. Malone wants his players to make a decision within a half-second.

"If you're open, shoot it. If you're not open, get off the ball with a 0.5 (second) mentality," Malone explained. "That makes you and us as a team really hard to guard. Because the ball is going to move a hell of a lot quicker than the defense can.""

6. No bad shots. Doc Rivers calls them shot turnovers. Some call them garbage shots. We remind players of Jay Bilas' "it's not your shot, it's our shot." At every level, bad shots ruin the soup. No, you say? 

Brian Scalabrine says, "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."

Yeah,'s only Summer League. 

Lagniappe: The Spurs' Beautiful Game

Lagniappe 2: a couple of 1-4 high scoring actions from a HS game I saw last night 

Combined ball screen and off-ball screen attack...

Wing into elevator screen. 

But the victors did the most damage with conventional "Flex" offense

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