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Friday, March 25, 2016


"Success leaves footprints." - Kevin Eastman

Why is your program special? What do "insiders" say? What would an outsider who watches your program see? What would you want people to notice? What would you want to change? 

If there is anything special about our program, it's the players who have committed to play with high energy, high effort, and high tempo. Many came to twice a week offseason (outdoor) workouts. But it's also the sacrifice made by the parents who pony up significant program fees for gym time, uniforms, and league expenses. We have two sets of twins on the team, so that goes double for them. The enduring answers are WORK and SACRIFICE.

We play our home games in a superior facility. 

In the Navy, we had an expression, "S.I.E.", the Syndrome of Inappropriate Enthusiasm. Two of the three coaches are over sixty and we're not coaching our own children. I say, "I have an extra thirteen granddaughters." People probably wonder 'why'? Teaching basketball well teaches life skills. 

Outsiders would probably say, "This is basketball. Where are all the tall kids?" Seriously, a "blinded" observer should hear the enthusiasm and the hearing-impaired see the enthusiasm. Some could argue that we should be playing a harder schedule or more games. Others might note the lack of program integration with the high school. 

The players can experience a culture of teamwork, quality, and accountability. They should enjoy the game and their teammates. The parents should see growth in their children's willingness to work together, to share sacrifice, and to become 'gym rats'. 

Leave footprints and we won't hear footsteps.  

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