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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Basketball Lessons - Fast Five: Distinguish Yourself

Goal: raise reader consciousness. Differentiation. 

How do you separate yourself from your peer group

"Who puts Derrick Coleman up there on the pantheon...give me somebody who wants to go to practice in the morning." 

You don't need a paradigm shift, but you might. Amazon became a leading retailer by leveraging low price, access, and prompt delivery. Zappos' customer service changes the game. Dick Fosbury revolutionized the high jump through a new technique. 

How does the underdog respond?

Conventional thinking yields conventional results. What is our edge in approach, personnel, technique, or tactics? 

Key takeaway: "Disadvantage can become advantage." Cavalry = speed. Artillery = perimeter game. Infantry = inside game. 

Sometimes people feel insignificant, unseen, impoverished in status. At camp, when they ask for a volunteer, 'explode' off your seat. At practice, outwork everyone. In the classroom, study harder than your peers. Force people to notice you

Don't speak louder than the next person. Speak with authority because of your knowledge and perspective. Become our better version every day. 

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