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Friday, August 3, 2018

Basketball: Attacking Switching Defenses

Combatting switching defenses becomes a forward-looking theme. In some cases, defenses seek longer, quicker, more athletic players to defend multiple positions. 

Coaches brainstorm alternatives ranging from drag screens in transition to sets of varying complexity. Simple may help many players keep the concepts straight.  

The simplest action begins with conventional ball screens opening drives and rolls.  

Adding a cross-screen (small screens big) complements the high ball screen. 

The talented post player can get into high-low action. 

More complexity brings maddening options, from an initial post-up (if switched) to staggered screens for a three in Spurs action. 

Mismatches create scoring chances and potential foul trouble. The tradeoff is getting away from your basic offense into less familiar territory. Including some small on big screening in core offense might help. 

Coach Liam Flynn uses video (above) to illustrate some other principles, especially slipping screens. 

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