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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Basketball: Need a Two and "The Winner's Brain"

Every coach develops a portfolio of 'best actions' to score for man, zone, ATO, BOB, and SLOB situations. 

The "best action" depends on offensive and defensive relative strengths and may have analytic evidence in favor of it. 

Alice Waters' MasterClass reminds me to think simplicity and planning of how a 'meal' comes together. Her honors include election as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2007; the Harvard Medical School’s Global Environmental Citizen Award, which she shared with Kofi Annan in 2008; and her induction into the French Legion of Honor in 2010.

We need to 'hunt' easy shots. The one's I'm showing aren't necessarily my favorites, but illustrate "multiple actions" within solid offense. offers possibilities and I'm supplying a few more. 

Hornets "Spread Twirl" with elevator screen into spread PnR with corner option. I copied this creative design into the high ball screen. 

SLOB, Handback Horns PnR weak. 

BOB, Horns 15 screens. 

Man. Zipper Pinch Cross screen

Zone. 2-3 Providence "Push" screen X2. Almost a 'cousin' of Michigan State's "X" but differs with '1' the key. 


Self-improvement covers many dimensions. In The Winner's Brain, the authors discuss the science of brain enhancement and maintenance. They distill four factors in Brain Care - adequate sleep, exercise, diet, and brain training (especially favoring yoga and music). 

1.  Self-awareness: thinking about yourself to become a winner
2.  Motivation: cultivating the drive to win
3.  Focus: locking on to what's important
4.  Emotional Balance: making emotions work in your favor
5.  Memory: "remembering" to have a winner's brain
6.  Resilience: bouncing back into success
7.  Adaptability: reshaping your brain to achieve
8.  Brain care: maintaining, protecting and enhancing your winner's brain

I'm studying guitar online and am literally THE worst guitar student in the world...but I'm committed to improving. 

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