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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Basketball: Have the Courage to Struggle

"You have to fight for each note." - Hans Zimmer

You want to be the pro from DoverExcellence won't come easily. If it were, everyone would be great. 

Nobody's watching. Doesn't matter. Nobody cares. Doesn't matter. Does it matter for you? How are we investing our time, right now? 

So many luminaries have lived the struggle. It's shocking. Eighteen year-old Wolfgang Puck stood on a bridge for an hour contemplating jumping. Drew Carey attempted suicide twice as a young man. Billy Joel's Second Wind followed his depression. They have plenty of famous company. The greatness coin has madness on the flip side. 

How do we ease the struggle? Entertain. Energize. Excite. Bring value to the players and to the game.

If my youth team came out an played 2-3 zone for 32 minutes, slowed the game to a crawl, and made a couple more shots than our opponent, where's the fun and where's the learning? 

Make a great argument for your team's play (from This is what we do, it's exciting, and it's worth your time. 

Engage the players and the fans. Make it relevant. Make the game beautiful. 

"Fall in love with easy." Pass and cut, give and go, look ahead, inside outside, move the ball. 

Find ways to put players in a position to succeed. Chris Oliver shows how spacing, screening, and cutting set up a driver. 

The corollary to "don't play in the traffic" is to get opponents to play in the traffic. 

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