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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Basketball: Practice with Two

Only two players (both guards, soccer players) came to a workout yesterday. I wasn't surprised, because the local high school girls' camp was underway. Plus, kids are always away on vacation. 

What kind of operation runs with two on another blazing hot day on the asphalt? 
1. Lithuania need a minimum of three, so I had to jump in. The ball should never hit the floor. 

2. One dribble layups from the arc.

3. Box drills from each elbow.
a. Front pivot attack (emphasize explosion)
b. Front pivot rip through into shot from mid-lane (counter 1)
c. Front pivot rip through, crossover back to strong hand into layup (stay low, be quick)
d. Run from both sides.

4. Flips (emphasis...elbow in, good extension, follow-through, backspin

5. Bradleys 

Go to about 3:50 of video (heck, the whole video is great) for Bradleys. Emphasis: balance, high, consistent release 

6. Catch and shoot from each elbow (old guy rebounds). Emphasis: quick release. "When are you most open? On the catch." Massive water break for me after this. 

7. Wing tutorial (each side)
a. Direct drive
b. Pullup (first counter)
c. Drive baseline, two dribble, spin back.
d. Hesitation into layup

8. One-on-one tutorial.

Footwork, quickness, read the defender (attack the front hand, front foot), shoulders game, commit to your move, learn to finish, attack mentality (believe you will score). The game becomes more fun when you become a legitimate scoring threat. "Be the queen, not the pawn."

9. One-on-one competition. 

The rubber meets the road. 

When players show up on a hot day and work hard, they care. Add value so they feel good about themselves and can bring the work home into their driveway. 

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