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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fast Five: Drills to Encourage Movement

"Movement kills defenses." 

Players underestimate the value of playing without the ball. They don't naturally move. How can we teach players to move while maintaining spacing? 

The simplest start is one-on-one with a passer. Upon receipt of the pass, the receiver can return the ball to the passer (give-and-go) or attack. This also requires players to 'read' their defender (playing high or low) to teach proper cutting. 

We can progress through two-on-two, three-on-three, and four-on-four. When we play two-on-two or three-on-three we limit play to one side of the split (line bisecting the baskets) and initially ban dribbling. 

Can substitute C for x1 for coach to play high (read back cut) or low (read front cut) with player needing to set up cut properly. 

"One more" from Kevin Eastman. I like this as a warmup drill and a pregame drill. Coaches/players can yell "one more" to add energy. 

Introduction to "two-man game" with coach as alternative to teach off-ball screening actions. 

UCLA cut with continuation...player must finish cuts and learn option cut (add defense). Special emphasis on proper cutting to get separation (avoid lazy cutting).

3 on 3 within the 'split'. Add constraint of pass without cut forces substitution out. Unrealistic? Coaching allows "if I ruled the world" thinking. 

Shivek drill. Arik Shivek, Israeli national coach. Rotate players through each position:
1) Give and go
2) Pass and cut to the ball for jump shot
3) Pass and cut to open spot, attack the closeout 

Four-on-four halfcourt offense, no dribble, a Knight favorite. You don't move, then you never get the ball. Self-explanatory. 

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