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Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Continual Ascension"

"You're either getting better or you're getting worse."

Mia Hamm goes "nutmeg" to establish international scoring record. 

Anson Dorrance of UNC soccer uses descriptive terms - competitive fury, competitive cauldron, and continual ascension. His teams and their stars like Mia Hamm play at the highest levels of women's soccer. But their process translates - to other sports, business, and career excellence.

Continual ascension allows you to reach the pinnacle of your domain. Plateau, for whatever reason - skill, fitness, injury, motivation, toughness, distraction, ignorance, or whatever, is the opposite. Continual ascension does not make excuses. 

Consider any great NBA player. In addition to maintaining or enhancing their body, they seek out specialists like trainers, nutritionists, and coaches to enhance their portfolio. They study film, analyze their needs, and work on their game - extending their range, improving their craft. They live Kevin Eastman's mantra, "you are your responsible for your paycheck." For young players, that means expand your minutes and your role.

Coaches like Brad Stevens want the "right information" to find a "potential edge". Stevens says he watches high school games and sees "wrinkles" that work. He analyzed over 1500 end of game situations after the 2014 season seeking to understand what decided games. Continual ascension means problem solving

What does that demand in time, effort, and sacrifice- what you might find easier or more enjoyable? Are you willing to push yourself and pay that price?

Self-awareness informs continual ascension. Champions refine strengths and lessen weaknesses by embracing physical and mental discomfort.  

Continual ascension always starts today with better habits

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