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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Miscellaneous Basketball Drills

We teach VDE (vision-decision-execution). If we find drills that incorporate those dimensions, then some of our players transform. This has particular relevance for actions within our systems. It's nowhere near perfect. 

Ideally, we teach young players HOW TO PLAY not how to run plays

Dribble handoff with live defense. If x1 overplays, 1 can go backdoor. 4 can handoff into a roll or pop. If she has a good handle, she can cutback. If 1 comes downhill 'clean' then x5 has to help and 1 either finish or pass. 

A different approach to 3 on 2. Coach (or defender) enters ball to 1, who attacks, decides, and executes. 

Another version of 2 on 1, with constraints and scoring. Coach initiates first pass and offense has maximum of one pass and one dribble to score. 

5 Seconds to Glory, down by 2. Shooter has five seconds to win (a three) or tie (a two). x2 defender is tasked to deny the 3 without fouling. x3 handles the drive. 

Alternative closeout drill. Players start shoulder-to-shoulder. Dribbler goes to circle and defender to baseline and closes out. Stop the ball! 

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