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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Leftovers from Practice

"Your understanding of the game is how you see it when you're watching and how you feel it when you're playing." - Anson Dorrance

I never know who will show for workouts, which is why I plan for double digits and react to a few. Fewer players, more reps, more individual instruction. 

I always learn something from players, even if it's what not to do. Most players (they're the ones who matter) DO NOT KNOW the possibilities. 

We had four players, two bigs, two guards...perfect for pick-and-roll (PnR), two-on-two, post entry, and so forth. But one player had the "I can't do this" mindset. First, we're here to learn. Second, we don't use "can't" or "try" here. As Yoda said, "do or do not, there is no try." We do it; then we do it better. 

Potentially useful shares (easy for experienced coaches):

"You're always reading the defense. They will give you something."

"Attack the front foot/front hand when the defense overcommits." 

"You get two dribbles to score. Period. This isn't REC BALL."

"Good players need two dribbles, excellent players one. Elite players don't have to dribble." 

On PnR. "Be aware of the slip if the screener's defender cheats and gets her lead shoulder ahead of you." The ballhandler has the drive, the shot, and the cutback. The screener has the roll, the pop, and the slip. "Don't be married to one action." Usually, the second dribble on the PnR is the "decision dribble". 

"Know your angles; know your options." First, one has to know her angles. If she's above the foul line, she may need to improve her passing angle to 4. After passing, depending on her defender's action, she should cut through or relocate to play the "inside-outside" game for a return pass for a jumpshot. 

Against the "dead front", 5 has to learn how to get position to receive the lob and 3 has to recognize the seal and swing (coach, yesterday) and option. x3 and x5 need to find their voices when fronting (team specific call) and x3 must pressure the ball to make entry difficult. I love having a big 3 who can throw over the top. 

One-on-one. With small numbers, everyone can work on their "go to" and "counter" moves in both the post and from the wing. On the pump fake, I teach not to move EITHER foot to minimize traveling. I have read that the higher the ball on the pump, the more likely officials are to call traveling. 

Add deception

From the elbow/high post, 5 catches and fakes a pass across...into a rip/sweep move into a one dribble layup. 

The aggressive guard can look to pass and follow, using the high post as her screener. Bird and Walton made this an art form in 1986. 

"Confidence comes from proven success." - Bill Parcells   

Only time will tell whether these players can incorporate some of this into their game. But for most of us, we can't grab players off the shelf, we have to take intermediate goods and try to produce finished products. 

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