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Monday, August 14, 2017

What Actions Make a Difference?

"Do more of what's working and less of what isn't." 

Repackage that as "do what's good for the kids." The counterstory? "Are we building a program or a statue?" Make life and basketball differences. 

Establish priorities and emphasis. 

Life priorities. "Take care of your business", schoolwork, extracurriculars. Be consistent in each area as model and supervisor. "I cannot hear what you say over what I see you do." Read at least 30 minutes daily. Learn about our world

Positive attitude and action...demonstrating commitment to our craft, both the science and art of coaching. 

Basketball emphasis. Education changes behavior. Be clear, consistent, and detail-oriented. 

Kevin Eastman says, "KNOW your NOS" no paint, no penetration, no bad closeouts, no second shots. Translate symmetry into offensive actions - paint touches, ball reversal, quickness and anticipation on the offensive boards. 

"Movement kills defenses." Brian McCormick argues coherently for random and expansive practice. He argues for constraints and small-sided games. That doesn't mean you can't drill competitively (see below). 

Teaching players the value of separation (during the small-sided games) leading to easy shots (e.g. give-and-go, ball screens and slips, advanced cutting, off ball screens) requires patience and repeated demonstration. 

Sometimes it's painful, literally. At practice, I modified the "Rollouts" drill, with the defense rolling out the ball...and I played, demonstrating the on-and-off ball screens, cuts, and VDE (vision, decision, execution) scenarios. I also modeled the value of communication about screens, cutters, and help. 

But you have to finish (make shots). 

Repeat with one dribble move into shot (left, then right)...a reasonable way to shoot competitively and get up 54 shots. "It pays to be a winner." Consider having a daily practice winner. 


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