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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Morning Routine

We help players by providing tools that yield sustainable competitive advantage. We know that adolescents need eight hours of sleep. Can they benefit from a morning "program"? It's about developing YOUR program.

I have the luxury of a 3-5 minute morning commute. 

I offer the following...

1. Wake up early (5:45)

2. Make the bed ( wife does this, but I'm going to help.) 

3. Coffee. Recent studies report coffee decreases mortality. "After a 16-year follow up, researchers found those who drink one cup of joe per day had a 12 percent decrease in mortality. Those who consumed two to three cups reflected a reduction of 18 percent mortality risk."

4. Morning planner. What two things have to be done today? 

5. Morning stretch. Dynamic stretching 8-10 minutes.
- Hip flexion leg lifts
- Hip abduction (side stretch)
- Hip flexion (knee to chest) walk
- Truncal/neck rotation
- Shoulder rotation (circles and cross stretching)
- Jumping in place
- Hip flexion/knee flexion (butt kickers)
- Karaoke (I have about a 50 foot hallway including the family room )

6. Meditation (5-10 minutes). Refresh the mind. Chade-Meng Tan (employee #107 of Google) is an engineer and meditation resource. He advocates for having a meditation 'buddy', doing less meditation than you can (make it an indulgence not a chore), and taking one breath a day. "Take a breath." He also preaches to spend ten seconds wishing happiness to two random people a day. 

7. Reading (30 minutes). I favor nonfiction as long as it's well-written. However, I recently read a non-fiction work The Handmaid's Tale and Brian McCormick's 21st Century Practice. 

8. Writing. Complete/review blog entries. I edit almost every piece, seeking brevity and clarity. 

Productive people cultivate productive habits. They model greatness. Tim Ferriss' Tools of Titans shares a panoply of productivity ideas and interviews with highly effective people. 


Halfcourt shooting warmup, shooter rebounds own shot...passer runs to half court  and becomes next shooter. 

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