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Friday, August 4, 2017

Learn by Coaching

Teachers have to learn the material to share it. At the end of his medical internship, a trainee thanked me for teaching, "you taught me everything I know. But you didn't teach me everything you know." 

Employ role reversal to educate players. Get them to teach/coach and experience the demands of teaching. 

1. Didactics. Assign a topic for discussion and questions. 
2. Leadership. Have them coach younger players under your observation. 
3. Motivation. Ask them to prepare and deliver a motivational 'pregame' talk. 
4. Demonstration. A player illustrates the proper execution of a fundamental or drill. 
5. Organization. A player organizes part of practice, certain drills or scrimmage. 
6. Assistance. A player is tasked with assisting the coach for a session. 
7. Imagination. Set up situations and ask a player to design a solution (realize that a timeout will not always be available). 

Players only develop new skills under the extension of EDIR - explanation, demonstration, imitation, and repetition. This belongs to "leaving your comfort zone." Each evolution and its attention to detail, matters. 

"If you can say good (in response to adversity), you can still fight...reengage."

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