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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Your Game is the Sum of All Dimensions

The consummate player is the sum of your physical, emotional, intellectual, psychological, technical (skill), and tactical dimensions. The best athlete with no skill, heart, or game understanding won't enjoy superior performance. A poor, unmotivated athlete with skill will be limited. 

What is your 'vision' of ideal? What are your processes and habits to approach that ideal? 

We approach a theoretical maximum with time as a key element. But time alone won't allow us to narrow the gap between real and ideal. 

It's insufficient to say, "I want to be a good offensive player" or "to become a shutdown defender." You need the inner drive and complementary circumstances (e.g. conditions, mentoring, freedom, time, et cetera) to succeed. We see 'outliers' such as the film McFarland where student/agricultural workers overachieve in cross country. Their coach provided opportunity and a catalyst for success. 

Drive encompasses an approach, exemplified by The Inner Game of Tennis and persistence illustrated by Tim Grover's Relentless. "The Inner Game consists of your emotional state, beliefs, psychology, mindset and attitude, feeling confident and comfortable, and so on."

Find models to study. You can't be Kevin Durant or Steve Nash, but you can study and implement their workouts

The sum of your skills determines the fit for you. Anson Dorrance catalogs the ladder of soccer progression. He emphasizes the dichotomy between demonstrating your individual dominance and the necessity of making the team better. Upper level (ODP) soccer is designed to select the top few (3-4) players and train them to National Team levels. If you feel the process is too political because you're in the 12-30 group, then you're missing the boat. You're not seriously considered for NT play and you're understanding and reacting to that is critical.

If you want to become an elite player, ordinary attitude dooms you. You need to become exceptional in every way- process, fitness, skill, authentic leadership, and demonstrated dominance. 

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